No need for this server, since gab is mastodon as well. Freedom is here. Go there.

doesn't include harassing others. Free Speech is about being able to have a mutual conversation and agreeing to disagree, even if what someone says is emotionally offensive. No harassing is allowed on this server, whether left or right wing. We will be civilized here or we will remove you. Have differing opinions, AWESOME! But conversate maturely and with the same mutual respect you expect from others. This is the only way we can grow and make America better than yesterday. <3 :)

I need to find some fun people to follow. My feed is too boring.

@anna It'd be even cooler to see you get shot in the face.

@Gargron OHHHH!!! I thought this feature was already out, I've been off the map for almost a year and just jumped back on. Looking nice Eugen!!

Anyone know how I can enable the 'Enable Advanced Web Interface' as shown here from I don't see it on my server.

@gen I'm using Zoho. I simply re-followed friends, no importations. I seem to remember having this issue last time I had a server up as well.

@gen Thanks :) Right now I'm having an issue getting emails to work. Don't know where to make those configs at, so people can't sign up. Additionally, having problems with people I follow posts now showing up in my feed, some do, some don't. it's quite confusing.

Anyone got a list of good relays I can use for my new server??

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A place where Conservatives can live free of leftist attacks. Free Speech reigns, we will not be muted! Free Speech does NOT include harassment, which is a crime. Either behave here, or be removed. That goes both ways, right or left we want civilized conversations here.